Last chance for cheaper tickets!


Only until December 5th you have the opportunity to grab tickets at the best price! If any of you are celebrating the holidays and want to make a gift to someone or yourself (because why not:P) there won't be a better opportunity than this one.

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Tickets and official aftermovie



Today we have some great news for you!

First of all: we're starting to sell tickets for Castle Party 2022 and at the same time we'd like to inform you that at your request we'll be selling tickets mainly online, so there won't be any confusion like last year when we had to keep adding more and more tickets. The prices of everything have gone up everywhere, we are trying to keep them as reasonable as possible and in order not to lose you instead of making a limited pool of tickets in a very limited edition we are giving you a better option. You have time till December 5th to buy tickets in the best price variant - additionally, if you're tempted, when exchanging electronic ticket for festival wristband you'll get "company" cup and lanyard:)

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Castle Party in social media


Lately the Facebook team hasn't been having any luck with their services. Therefore, we wanted to mention that our festival has a pretty wide range of communication channels and we'd like you to take a look at them and if you like any of them, please subscribe:)

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Castle Party in the Club


In the first information about next year's edition of the festival we mentioned some changes. We have already mentioned that there will be two equal stages without the division into the small and the big one, and now we would like to present you one more cool piece of information. The main drawback of Castle Party that you have heard so many times is that it is only once a year and you have to wait so looooong for it.
We are happy to inform you that we have found a solution!

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Blutengel invites you!


An invitation to our festival recorded especially for you by the band Blutengel.

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Some important information



Today is short and to the point:

  • There will be afterparties!
  • On the website there is already the whole festival program with hours (final!),
  • Warm-up dropped out of the program - we've moved the bands to other days and the meeting will take place in the campsite/city,
  • There will be one-day tickets for 180 PLN, you can buy them at the castle ticket office on any day of the festival,
  • Online tickets are running out - this is the last pool we are making available, for the first time ever we have sold almost all the tickets online,
  • Due to the fact that we have separated a separate pool for one-day tickets and most of you have already bought tickets for the whole festival, the price of the tickets at the castle has been raised to 400 PLN - hardly anyone will be affected by this change, but we need every extra zloty this year, because the huge costs and increases we had to face are simply ridiculous. If that's too much of an increase for you, tickets are still available online.

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