Terms of press accreditation for the Castle Party festival 2019:

  1. The condition of processing the application for accreditation is to fill in the accreditation form.
  2. Accreditation form can be filled since April 1, 2019. Deadline for applications for accreditation passes July 1, 2019.
  3. Accreditation is free.
  4. Journalist accreditation entitles you to entry to the festival and the festival clubs.
  5. Photo accreditation entitle to enter the festival area and the festival clubs and into the pit at the main stage in the courtyard of the castle.
  6. A particular media receives one accreditation as standard. In exceptional cases, it is possible to be granted two accreditations (regular + photo) - the reasons which will be the grounds for the decision, please fill in the "Additional Notes" field in the accreditation form.
  7. The number of accreditations is limited. We will inform about the granting of accreditation via email at the latest 7 July 2019. We reserve the right to a negative appraisal of the request without giving any reason. Because of strong media interest, please complete the form in reliable and as accurate as possible way.
  8. Accreditation can be collected in the festival office since the first day of the festival, that is July 11, 2019.
  9. All rules concerning the recording of the festival events through audio-visual and photographic gear will be provided to accredited media representatives and photographers the latest on the concert day or event.
  10. Any violation of these rules or attempts to hand the accreditation to any third persons threatens with the withdrawal of accreditation immediately.