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Castle Party 2020

Informations about Castle Party 2020
Last post: 4 miejsca wolne w kamperze na 2020 w obie strony! - beauty_of_suffering (2020-03-23 22:58:48)

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Questions for organizers

Here You can ask the questions and we try to answer on them.
Last post: PŁYTY i GADŻETY FESTIWALOWE - vimag (2020-02-01 13:09:11)

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Topics about gothic subculture.
Last post: O polskich gotach po 1999 - M_Alex (2015-11-12 12:49:22)

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Topics about music.
Last post: Electro Fear - kozio (2019-11-17 17:29:09)

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Movie / theater / books

Topics about movies, books and theater arts.
Last post: O filmie "Ostatnia rodzina" - Maria (2016-10-24 21:37:58)

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Informations and your opinions from festivals, concerts and parties.
Last post: Call +2349053313102 join illuminati 666 in Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Hong Kong, Los Angeles - robertwood (2020-07-04 07:47:57)

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Topics not related with festival.
Last post: Modelka alternatywna i cosplayerka - Dobermann (2020-03-11 10:50:21)

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Small Ads

Your ads.
Last post: WYNAJMĘ MIESZKANIE - ania (2020-02-26 12:39:29)

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About Castle Party website

Informations from website administration, sugestions and more informations about Castle Party site.
Last post: Opinie, uwagi oraz problemy dotyczące nowej strony Castle Party - vimag (2018-11-02 23:12:30)

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Informations about previous editions of Castle Party
Last post: Program and Line-up for andoird on google play - drewvid (2019-07-06 19:11:58)

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