Deathrock from France - Castrati.


The band says about themselves: "Merry-go-round's deathrock stained with nursery's batcave. Bloody barrel organs and creepy guitars for bat child..."

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Tickets for the 18th edition of Castle Party festival (Bolkow) are now available for purchase! Just send an e-mail to, putting "Castle Party 2011" in the title. You can make a all types of tickets in any amount. Also you can buy tickets directly from the shop.

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Polish bands on small stage


Alike the last year, the first day of the festival (Thursday) will be promoting new bands in Hacjenda club. Four Polish projects will give shows: Unsinn, H.Exe, Synchropath and MonsterGod.

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A bit of the cold wave: Hyoscyamus Niger


A band formed in 2000 in Olawa, at first functioned under the name Sny Michala ("Michael's Dreams"). Throughout the years several musicians have joined and left the group, which had effect in a change of name each time. Finally, in 2003 SM turned into Hyoscyamus Niger and took part in Poznan Dark Festival.

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Hieros Gamos in Hacjenda Club


Hieros Gamos is side line project of slovak band - LAHKA MUZA from 2002. It's pure electro/gothic music with nice visual live show. Debut album was published at 2006 under title Fetish Remix.

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More alternative music: Śmiałek


Śmiałek is an alternative rock band established in Cracow, Poland, in 2005 by the actor and vocalist Karol Śmiałek and director, lyricist and composer Paweł Szarek. Śmiałek is difficult to label as a genre, preferring the category they coined themselves – Rock Berlin Kabarett Theatre. They are also sometimes called an "industrial kabarett" or "electro rock kabarett".

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