Dom Zły


Today we present you Dom Zły one of the most interesting Polish bands playing post-metal music with black metal influences.

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By The Spirits


Today we present a Polish band that will perform at this year's edition of Castle Party - By The Spirits - folk project from the mystic woods of the Lower Silesia and ancient Ślęża mountain. Inspired by Nature, Death and Spirituality. The band says of itself that it presents a story of a journey through the practice of ancient magic and pays homage to the old gods.

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Zeraphine joins our festival line-up!

Zeraphine are a gothic alternative band from Berlin, Germany, formed in 2000 by Sven Friedrich. And Sven himself is one of the most popular dark scene artists in Germany. We saw him in Bolków many times, along with the bands Dreadful Shadows and Solar Fake.

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Nitzer Ebb


We are happy to present the last headliner of our festival!

Nitzer Ebb
in one form or another has been making music since 1982. Utilizing sequencers, percussion and voices. The original musical group consisted of bon harris, douglas mccarthy and david gooday. School friends whom met in their teens in essex, england.
Initially self releasing a four track e.p. Called ‘Isn’t it funny how your body works’ in 1984. Through vigourous touring in the uk, europe and north america with additional singles, ‘Warsaw ghetto’, ‘Let your body learn’ and ‘Murderous’ they were then signed to mute records and Geffen Records. Their first album, ‘That total age’ was released in 1988. Immediately henceforth they gained a global following, not least because Mute Records label mates, Depeche Mode took them under their wing.

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Today we present a Polish music band founded in 2013 - BOKKA. Its work is classified as: electronic music, alternative rock and synth pop.
The trio has adopted the convention of stage camouflage, does not reveal their personalities.

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Another performer from our lineup!

BLUTENGEL is a German electronic music group formed by singer Chris Pohl (also of the groups Terminal Choice, Tumor, and Miss Construction). The themes of the songs usually centre around themes common in Gothic fiction such as love, vampirism, sexual fetishism, death, and immortality. The band calls their musical style dark pop.

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