Our Dears,
we were supposed to announce information about the festival this week, but in light of the current situation in Ukraine, where a terrorist invasion from Russia is taking place, we feel it would be inappropriate to do so.
Therefore, we would like to reassure you and say that the festival will take place and further information about the line-up will be published later.
In the meantime, let's focus on the more important topic, which is the aforementioned act of aggression - both as a festival and privately, we are against violence and aggression in any form.
We hope that European countries will unite in action and bring the murderers led by Putin to justice.
Some of you have asked if there is anything you can do to help the Ukrainian people. We suggest choosing one of the organizations which specialize in such assistance, e.g. project "SOS Ukraine" organized by PAH.
We also encourage you to support local collections, which are organized in practically every city.

Let goodness and Ukraine win!

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Server relocation



It's been a while since our last communication and some of you got worried, while others started to speculate ;)
Don't worry, everything is fine with us, we are finalizing some important agreements with our teams and preparing to migrate our sites from the current infrastructure to a new server.
As a result, next week our pages may sometimes display some errors - don't worry about it.
The most important information for you will be that after the migration is finished we will start publishing new information about the line-up and here we have a question for you: do you prefer to get the list of bands in one post or would you rather have this information broken down into several separate ones along with information about the bands, videos etc.? Let us know!

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New Year's wishes



This is the last day of the year, so it's a perfect opportunity to thank you for being with us!

We wish you and ourselves that the next year will be better than the current one - in every way.

And by the way - some of you have mentioned that you would like to have something extra with this year's t-shirt designs - so you can decorate your phone or desktop with one of the several wallpapers below.


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Last chance for cheaper tickets!


Only until December 5th you have the opportunity to grab tickets at the best price! If any of you are celebrating the holidays and want to make a gift to someone or yourself (because why not:P) there won't be a better opportunity than this one.

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Tickets and official aftermovie



Today we have some great news for you!

First of all: we're starting to sell tickets for Castle Party 2022 and at the same time we'd like to inform you that at your request we'll be selling tickets mainly online, so there won't be any confusion like last year when we had to keep adding more and more tickets. The prices of everything have gone up everywhere, we are trying to keep them as reasonable as possible and in order not to lose you instead of making a limited pool of tickets in a very limited edition we are giving you a better option. You have time till December 5th to buy tickets in the best price variant - additionally, if you're tempted, when exchanging electronic ticket for festival wristband you'll get "company" cup and lanyard:)

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Castle Party in social media


Lately the Facebook team hasn't been having any luck with their services. Therefore, we wanted to mention that our festival has a pretty wide range of communication channels and we'd like you to take a look at them and if you like any of them, please subscribe:)

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