Dawn of Ashes joins the lineup!


Today we're going to talk about the beginning of the end, because that's the an allegorical metaphor meaning of Dawn of Ashes, an American melodic black metal band that will play at our festival this year!
They formed in 2001 in Los Angeles and have been recording EBM-style music for most of their musical career.
In 2008, the majority of the line-up was changed and the band abandoned their electronic roots by signing to Metal Blade Records thus abruptly changing their style.
The themes of their songs are aggression and evil, including hatred of the human race, torture, death, genocide and annihilation.

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LAIBACH becomes the headliner of Castle Party Festival!


We are pleased to announce that we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of our presence within the walls of Bolkow Castle with the sounds of the legendary collective Laibach!
Laibach, being one of the most influential phenomena of the industrial scene, is of course not only music. The activities of Neue Slowenische Kunst cover all areas of art, vividly and controversially commenting on political and social issues for more than 40 years.
And it is within the walls of Bolkow's castle that Laibach will present a special, cross-sectional repertoire from its entire period of activity.

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The first part of the lineup!


Hello our dear Castle Party fans!

The second most gothic holiday (at least by the name) is Black Friday.
To honor it, we present you the first part of the linueup of next year's festival!

  • Therion
  • Deine Lakaien
  • Alien Vampires
  • Ariadne’s Thread
  • Decadent Fun Club
  • Dolch
  • Entropia
  • Forced To Mode
  • Frank The Baptist
  • Girls Under Glass
  • Golden Apes
  • Grendel
  • Her Own World
  • Hiroszyma
  • Las Trumien
  • Lyrre
  • Popiół
  • Psychoformalina
  • Runika
  • Suicide Commando
  • Undertheskin
  • The 69 Eyes
  • The Beauty of Gemina
  • The House of Usher

And that's not all! In the first quarter of next year we will present you with the second part of the lineup, which will close the lineup of the festival:)
If you liked the first part of the lineup then there is nothing left to do but to buy a pass for the festival, you can do it here > <
This time we have put on sale several times more tickets than last time, so the situation with the blind birds passes that sold out in a crazy 6 hours should not happen again!:)

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"Blind bird" tickets!


Welcome to this Halloween Monday!

Today we start selling tickets - this time it will be mysterious!
We start with a limited pool of "blind bird" tickets, which will include a festival suprise-package.
This is the most affordable option for those of you who always go to our festival.
At this point we are not announcing any bands yet, but don't worry, the lineup we are preparing will be a good one!
First come, first served!

Tickets can be found HERE >

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Castle Party 2023


Dear Castle Part fans, this year we were silent for a long time, so you had time to create about thirty conspiracy theories, unfortunately we have to spoil your fun because we are officially starting the next edition of the festival!
We will start modestly by giving you four important pieces of information:

  • First - Castle Party will take place (so the theory about Krzysiek being kidnapped by aliens and his escape to Brazil collapses).
  • Second - The date of CP2023 is July 13-16, 2023 (so the theory about overlapping with the Rammstein / Amphi Festival / Depeche Mode concert also falls)
  • Third - Ticket sales will start at the end of the month, but we will write more about that later (the theory about not wanting to do a festival also falls at this point)
  • And fourth - We will soon launch a festival merchandise store where you will be able to purchase all the "treasures" related to our festival. More information coming soon! (the theory that we want to divide the fan community into "better with merch" and "worse without merch" will also go down in ruins)
In conclusion: don't believe the nonsense that some people write on the Internet and you can slowly put aside your budget for next year, book accommodations and rub your paws for the official video of this year's edition, more information about CP2023 and the store:)

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Castle Party 2022 is over!


Castle Party 2022 is over!
Despite the mischief of weather, airlines and equipment, we managed to present you with 42 concerts!
We sincerely thank you for your participation and hope you will remember this edition of the festival fondly.
For those of you who set off on the journey home, we wish you a safe journey, and for those of you who stayed at the campground a warm night - remember that there are still DJ parties on the park stage until 4am!

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