Castle Party 2023


Dear Castle Part fans, this year we were silent for a long time, so you had time to create about thirty conspiracy theories, unfortunately we have to spoil your fun because we are officially starting the next edition of the festival!
We will start modestly by giving you four important pieces of information:

  • First - Castle Party will take place (so the theory about Krzysiek being kidnapped by aliens and his escape to Brazil collapses).
  • Second - The date of CP2023 is July 13-16, 2023 (so the theory about overlapping with the Rammstein / Amphi Festival / Depeche Mode concert also falls)
  • Third - Ticket sales will start at the end of the month, but we will write more about that later (the theory about not wanting to do a festival also falls at this point)
  • And fourth - We will soon launch a festival merchandise store where you will be able to purchase all the "treasures" related to our festival. More information coming soon! (the theory that we want to divide the fan community into "better with merch" and "worse without merch" will also go down in ruins)
In conclusion: don't believe the nonsense that some people write on the Internet and you can slowly put aside your budget for next year, book accommodations and rub your paws for the official video of this year's edition, more information about CP2023 and the store:)

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Castle Party 2022 is over!


Castle Party 2022 is over!
Despite the mischief of weather, airlines and equipment, we managed to present you with 42 concerts!
We sincerely thank you for your participation and hope you will remember this edition of the festival fondly.
For those of you who set off on the journey home, we wish you a safe journey, and for those of you who stayed at the campground a warm night - remember that there are still DJ parties on the park stage until 4am!

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Changes in the lineup


Due to airline strikes, some bands are unable to participate in Castle Party. For this reason, we have made changes to the lineup, which we present below:

Castle Stage
Opening: 15:00

16:00 - Electro Fear
17:00 - The Fright
18:00 - Sweet Ermengarde
19:10 - XIII Stoleti
20:30 - Haujobb
21:50 - She Past Away
23:25 - Nitzer Ebb


Castle Stage
Opening: 15:00

16:00 - Alvarez Pérez
17:00 - Jeremiah Kane
18:00 - Kaelan Mikla
19:10 - Aesthetic Perfection
20:30 - Hocico
21:50 - Lacuna Coil

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Castle Party Discord server


The festival starts this Thursday!

And we wanted to warmly invite you to our Discord server:

  • Are you going for the first time and have questions? Our community will help you!
  • Are you from abroad? Great, a large part of the community speaks English!
  • Looking for transportation? You have a chance to find it there!
  • Looking for last minute accommodation? The community uploads information about the latest offers:)

In addition, during the festival:
  • contact with the community of over 1000 of our festival goers.
  • you will have direct contact with the organizers
  • real-time updates about possible delays on stages and weather
  • reminders about important events
  • daily program updates

If you would like to join us, please click the following link:

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Stands at the festival


EIGHT days left to the festival!
For the first time in the festival's history we're presenting you a full list of stands that you'll be able to visit during Castle Party.
Also for the first time in the festival's history some of the stalls will be located on Bolkow's main square.
We think that everyone will find something worth attention:)

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Castle Party Compilation 2022


The Castle Party compilations are not only a must have for the festival fans, but also for those who want to discover the versatility of the dark independent scene: from atmospheric metal, rebellious cold wave post-punk, decadent gothic rock to danceable electro or heavy industrial beats.

Next to the well known stars of the dark scene, you will find there no less talented acts that are just starting their artistic path.

Castle Party 2022 compilation is an exclusive digipak containing eighteen selected works of artists who stand for the spirit of this year's festival.
As usual songs by headliners and newcomers, the newest ones or the hits, special versions, unreleased or first time on cd format tracks.

Released by Alchera Visions.
Cover picture by Łukasz "Pachu" Pach.
Digipak design by Bartosz Hervy.

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