Castle Party 2013 tracklist


Here's what you can find on our compilation:

01. XIII Stoleti – Fenix
02. Corvus Corax – The Drinking Loving Dancer
03. Kat – Odi Profanum Vulgus
04. Anneke Van Giersbergen – 1000 Miles Away From You
05. The Beauty of Gemina – 10 Last Night Home
06. Lacrimosa – Revolution
07. Vic Anselmo – Ashes
08. Asgaard – Within The Eyes of Angels
09. 7JK – Wrocław In The Rain
10. Decoded Feedback – Strychnine
11. The Breath Of Life – The Dark Side
12. Percival Schuttenbach – Buba
13. Agressiva 69 – Miasto
14. Soror Dolorosa – A Dead Yesterday
15. Sirrah – Thrill You (edit)
16. Whispers In The Shadow – Back To The Wound

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Mobile version of our site during the festival


We have got something extremely useful for you – a mobile version of our webpage at so that you can have an access to most important information during our festival. This mini-site has been prepared to fit all kinds of mobile devices regardless model and brand. Thanks to this website we can publish all important announcements during the festival so be sure to keep this address in your phone!

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Tickets price:

All days ticket:

  • 230pln limited pre-order
  • 250pln normal price and on the castle
One day ticket (Friday, Saturday, Sunday):
  • 150pln on the castle
You can buy tickets at shop -,show,1198,castle-party-festival-2013.html

The entry price for club:
  • all days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday): 20pln
  • one day: 10pln
Club passes available at the entrance to the former evangelical church.

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Krzysztof Rakowski in jury of contest Gothic Room in Europe 2013!


We’re very pleased to announce a 4th edition of Musical Contest GOTHIC ROOM IN EUROPE- A WAVE CONTEST FOR UNDERGROUND BANDS EDITION 2013.

The 4th Musical Contest is oriented to gothic-wave bands and other, which act similar genres. The contest is open to all International emerging bands, underground and/or independent that play one of the following musical genres: New Wave, Darkwave, Post-punk, Neo Folk, Industrial, EBM, Synthpop, Batcave, Death Rock, Ethereal, Gothic Rock, Cabaret, Horror Punk, Medieval.

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Castle Party Festival 2013


Now in terms a unique, anniversary edition of the CASTLE PARTY Festival. For 20 years, we have deigned you some various sounds of the dark independent music. Recall, that the first three editions were held in the castle Grodziec, and for 16 years we have met with you at a palatial castle courtyard of Bolkow’s castle.

For all these years, Bolkow has hosted many outstanding musical projects, like for example Diary of Dreams, The Garden Of Delight, Terminal Choice, Suicide Commando, Blutengel, Deine Lakaien, Clan of Xymox, Agonised By Love, The Last Days of Jesus, Epica, Cruxshadows, Grendel, Wolfsheim, De/Vision, The Birthday Massacre, Diorama, The Legendary Pink Dots, IAMX, Dreadful Shadows, Theatres des Vampires, Faith and the Muse, And One, Kirlian Camera, Project Pitchfork and many others, bringing together fans of disturbing sounds from all over the world! Now we present a whole line up of artists, who will perform during the jubilee, "porcelain" edition of festival.

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Alien Sex Fiend DVD


This piece of information surely will be enjoyed by Alien Sex Fiend fans. The company BigBlue Rec which released Clan of Xymox concert recorded during Castle Party Festival in 2010, is going to record and release Alien Sex Fiend concert this year. It is going to be the first DVD release of this band recorded with current members and sound. The band has already released a concert DVD but it includes relatively old material.

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