Castle Party 2023

2022-10-12 Dobermann
Dear Castle Part fans, this year we were silent for a long time, so you had time to create about thirty conspiracy theories, unfortunately we have to spoil your fun because we are officially starting the next edition of the festival!
We will start modestly by giving you four important pieces of information:
  • First - Castle Party will take place (so the theory about Krzysiek being kidnapped by aliens and his escape to Brazil collapses).
  • Second - The date of CP2023 is July 13-16, 2023 (so the theory about overlapping with the Rammstein / Amphi Festival / Depeche Mode concert also falls)
  • Third - Ticket sales will start at the end of the month, but we will write more about that later (the theory about not wanting to do a festival also falls at this point)
  • And fourth - We will soon launch a festival merchandise store where you will be able to purchase all the "treasures" related to our festival. More information coming soon! (the theory that we want to divide the fan community into "better with merch" and "worse without merch" will also go down in ruins)
In conclusion: don't believe the nonsense that some people write on the Internet and you can slowly put aside your budget for next year, book accommodations and rub your paws for the official video of this year's edition, more information about CP2023 and the store:)

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