Program and one-day tickets


Exactly two months left until the festival! Today we start selling tickets for the Park Stage (some of you asked us for it) and also one-day tickets!

But it is not everything!
We know you've been waiting impatiently for it, so today we are publishing what all Castle Party fans have been waiting for - a detailed festival program!
There you will find all the information about the concerts and DJ sets that are waiting for you during this magical weekend.

Don't wait for your decision, because tickets are limited and will sell like hotcakes!
Reserve time in your calendar now and get ready for unforgettable moments at Castle Party 2024!

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Change in the lineup


Attention festival-goers! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the band Drab Majesty will not be able to perform at this year's Castle Party. However, we are pleased to announce that instead, the unparalleled She Past Away will grace the stage! Get ready for dark sounds and a mesmerizing performance!

She Past Away is a Turkish darkwave/post-punk band whose music combines nostalgic melodic vocal lines with intense rhythms and hypnotic arrangements.

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Full festival lineup!


We are thrilled to announce that Castle Party 2024 has a full lineup! We can't wait to experience these incredible moments with all of you at the festival. Here are the artists who will grace our stage this year:

• AND ONE (de) - synth pop
• KATATONIA (se) - alternative / progressive - rock / metal
• THE MISSION (uk) - alternative rock

• Aether (pl) - epic melodic metal
• Attrition (uk) - dark industrial
• Blackbook (ch) - indie pop
• Closterkeller (pl) - gothic rock
• Chaszcze (pl) - cold wave / doom rock
• Cold in Berlin (uk) - doom / post metal / death rock
• Combichrist (no) - aggrotech / industrial metal
• Czarina (es) - progressive dark wave
• Czarny Bez (pl) - industrial slavic folk metal
• Dear Deer (fr) - post punk
• Diorama (de) - electro pop
• Drab Majesty (us) - new wave / goth / dark wave
• Escape with Romeo (de) - post punk
• Extize (fr / de) - electro
• FRETT (pl) - industrial / idm / techno
• Fright Night (pl) - horror goth rock
• Funhouse (se) - gothic rock
• Hedone (pl) - alternative / industrial rock
• Ira Noctis (pl) - dark electro / aggrotech / industrial
• Katod (pl) - instrumental synth wave / 8-bit
• KSY (pl) - post-punk / coldwave
• Lacrimas Profundere (de) - gothic rock / metal
• Lakeside X (cz) - industrial / ebm / synth wave
• Lorien (pl) - dark alternative rock
• Malaise (se) - gothic electro
• Merkfolk (pl) - folk metal
• Mono Inc. (de) - gothic rock
• Nachtmahr (de) - techno body music
• NAUT (uk) - dark / goth rock
• Nenufar (pl) - symphonic Goth metal
• Noche Obscura (pl) - drone / ambient metal
• Noktva (it) - gothic rock / post punk / dark wave
• Orange Sector (de) - ebm
• Partikul (be) - post punk / dark wave
• Psycho Beets (pl) - psychobilly
• Stillnox (pl) - synth goth
• The Nosferatu (uk) - gothic rock
• The Vision Bleak (de) - horror gothic metal
• This Eternal Decay (it) - industrial / dark wave / synth pop
• WIJ (pl) - post metal
• Velesar (pl) - folk metal
• VV & The Void - ethereal / gothic / minimal drone

Get ready for an unforgettable musical experience! See you at Castle Party 2024!

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First part of the lineup and ticket sales!


All the good children receive presents today, but for those who have been naughty, we have a special treat - the announcement of the first part of our festival lineup and the start of ticket sales.
Our first headliner is the legendary Katatonia, promising an unforgettable experience with their dark sound.
But that's not all, here is an incomplete list of the artists who will be performing at this special anniversary edition of Castle Party: Attrition, Blackbook, Cold in Berlin, Combichrist, Czarina, Czarny Bez, Diorama, Extize, FRETT, Fright Night, Funhouse, Lacrimas Profundere, Lakeside X, Malaise, Nachtmahr, NAUT, Orange Sector, Nenufar, The Nosferatu, The Vision Bleak, and Velesar.

Tickets are now available on the official festival website:

Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the world of dark independent music while celebrating the 30th anniversary of Castle Party.

Don't be good - join the naughty at Castle Party!

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Tickets are now available for sale


This evening, around 19:00, we're starting the sale of Blind Bird tickets through

Tickets are available in limited quantity at the price of 499 PLN.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that our shop doesn't have a super-fast server, and knowing how things go, you might overwhelm it with a "ticket attack," so we apologize in advance for any potential inconvenience ;)

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THANK YOU for participating in the 29th edition of Castle Party!


We would like to sincerely thank all the fantastic attendees, artists, and exhibitors who took part in this year's Castle Party festival! Thanks to your passion, love for music, and incredible atmosphere, this year's edition was truly unforgettable.

We are well aware that it is you, our wonderful guests, who create this festival as a unique place, full of magic and "dark" energy. It is for you that we work on every detail, so you can enjoy not only excellent music but also the castle's unique ambiance.

With great pleasure, we announce that the next, 30th edition of Castle Party will take place from July 11th to July 14th, 2024! Save the dates on your calendars now!

Remember, Castle Party is not just about music; it's also about art, fashion, and the magic of encounters. We want you to feel like a part of our family and together, create magical moments that will stay in your hearts for a long time.

Thank you for being with us, for believing in our festival, and for contributing to the unique atmosphere of Castle Party!

See you in 2024!

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