Gallery update


To make the awaiting for the next festival more pleasant, we have partly updated the gallery. We have placed more photos of the castle, we have supplemented the 2009 gallery and added the official 2010 gallery. You are welcome to see the pictures!

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Spragnione czułości (Eager for tenderness)


During the last year's edition of the Castle Party Jerzy Jernas, one of the pioneers of Polish off cinema, made a short documentary film "Spragnione czulosci" ("Eager for tenderness)", in which ladies attending the festival talk about themselves, their desires, dreams and wishes. The document, all in dreamy sort of atmosphere, presents the gothic subculture in a different light. Movie can be watched here.

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For the fans of electro-rock: The Cuts


The Cuts make music of a so-called electro-rock style. The band was founded in 2006 in Pila. After two years of making songs, giving concerts and studio work, in 2008 the group has signed a contract with SP Records label.

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For lovers of strong play: Blindead


A music band of an unconventional type of strong playing, often associated with post - and - sludge metal scene. One of this type bands that attempts to delimit new musical spaces with their originality.

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Goth-rock from UK: Nosferatu


Nosferatu have grown to become one of the most commercially successful Second Wave Gothic Rock Bands Worldwide and most certainly in England.

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Dark electro from Estonia: Freakangel


Freakangel is an Estonian band which musical style is a mixture of intensive aggrotech, industrial, dark electro and a bit of rock.

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