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  • Paradise Lost (uk)
  • Juno Reactor
  • L'ame Immortelle
  • Wardruna
  • Nachtmahr
  • Merciful Nuns
  • Inkubus Sukkubus
  • The Frozen Autumn
  • Heimataerde
  • Hate
  • H.EXE
  • Antimatter
  • Artrosis
  • Rabia Sorda
  • Raison d'etre
  • Vesania
  • Job Karma
  • Hybryds
  • Zombina and the Skeletones
  • God's Bow
  • Skeptical Minds
  • Percival Schuttenbach
  • Darzamat
  • 1984
  • Thaw
  • Mord'A'Stigmata
  • Cynical Existence
  • Już Nie Żyjesz
  • Shadow System
  • Tesla Power
  • Ab Intra
  • Monica Jeffries
  • Inner Vision laboratory
  • Carpatia Castle
  • Shodan
  • Extinct Gods
  • Victorians
  • Guilt Trip
  • Xenturion Prime
  • Essence Of Mind
  • Dance on Glass
  • Digital Angel
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News Castle Party - News & Events

Full line-up!

2015-06-10 (Festival)

We gladly present the full line-up of this year's edition of Castle Party festival. The entire program is available here.

Tickets price

2014-10-01 (Festival)

All days ticket:
  • 220pln - till the end of the year
  • 230pln - limited presale
  • 250pln - after the presale ends
  • 270pln - on the castle entrance
One day ticket (Friday, Saturday, Sunday):
  • 150pln on the castle
What makes it more convenient for festival-goers is that Castle Party 2014 carnet tickets include both the admission to the castle and to the former evangelical church.

You can buy tickets at shop -,show,2824,castle-party-festival-2015.html

First information about Castle Party 2015

2014-08-22 (Festival)

Dear fans,
with the greatest pleasure we announce that 22nd edition of Castle Party festival will take place from 16 to 19 July 2015 in Bolków castle. During three-day festival you can enjoy concerts on two stages: the main one at the castle and the small one in former evangelical church.

The first bands that confirmed their participation:
  • Merciful Nuns
  • The Frozen Autumn
  • Artrosis
  • Heimataerde
  • H.EXE
  • Zombina and the Skeletones
  • God's Bow
What is more, as every year, you can expect a few additional attractions and clubs which will host parties after the concerts.

Tickets presale:
You probably wait for the tickets to buy, that is why we are glad to inform that the presale of Castle Party 2015 three-day tickets will start in October. More info soon.

Meanwhile, we woul like to invite you to visit our forum and Facebook profile where you can find some clips presenting the announced bands.


2013-10-26 (Festival)

Tickets for Castle Party 2014 are already available online. They will go on sale in three batches:
  • till the end of the year – 220 pln
  • limited presale – 230 pln
  • after the presale ends – 250 pln
What makes it more convenient for festival-goers is that Castle Party 2014 carnet tickets include both the admission to the castle and to the former evangelical church.

You can buy tickets here.

Mini interview with Tilo Wolff

2013-06-28 (Festival)

Have you heard anything about Castle Party festival before?
Tilo Wolff: Often when we played concerts in Poland in the past our fans advised us to come again and to play at this festival since they all seem to like the event very much. So we got curious about it and now we came to find out if our audience was right or wrong ;-)

Will your show be special because of festival?
Tilo Wolff: We don't play many festival shows. Like this year this will be our second and last festival we play at so it of course will be special. Plus the fact that in September 2012 we played our very first concert for the "Revolution-Tour" in Warsaw and now, after travelling all around the world with this album, we play the last show for it in Poland again! I like this!!

Any message to Castle Party's visitors from your side before show?

Tilo Wolff: Well, I hope you people enjoy this festival, the opportunity to visit such events and to meet people and hear bands and of course I hope you will like what we want to offer to you that very night!

A bit more about the last album you can read here.

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