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Will I have a chance to buy tickets during the festival if there’s no possibility to buy them on presale?

In accordance with a long tradition, larger pool of tickets will be for sale in Bolkow and there will be no problems for those guests who want to buy tickets after their arrival in Bolkow.

Can I expect to reclaim the money for my ticket or pass in case of a storm during the festival (if all the performances are cancelled)?

If concerts are cancelled because of the weather conditions, which can be dangerous for all the participants, we don’t provide cost refund for the ticket or pass.

Is there a chance for ……. to play at the Castle Party?

We’d like you to write all the suggestions regarding CP line-up on our discussion forum. We check it all the time and we try to take your suggestions into consideration.

Can I bring my pet to the festival?

We know that you really love your pets, but pets are not allowed in the festival area. The noise can be dangerous to their health, so better leave them at home.

Can I take my camera or camcorder to the festival’s area?

No, You can't bring camera or any other recording equipment. We allow only simple digital photo-cameras.

Can I take (my own) drinks to the festival area?

Of course, except alcohol, drinks in glass bottles and plastic bottles larger than 1 liter.

Do children who arrive with parents have to get separate tickets?

Children under the age of 12 can enter the festival area for free, but they must be accompanied by parents or legal guardians.

Where I can find cash dispensers in Bolkow?

There are 3 ATM machines, the first one is located in the market square (PKO), the second one is at the backside of the town hall, very close to the market square in Bolkow (BPS Bank) and the third one is located in Bieronka shop near to the market square.

Does the ticket allow me to explore the whole castle?

No. During the festival, some parts of the castle are closed for the visitors. It is necessary for safety reasons; besides, those parts of the castle are used as the backstage area. Please be informed that there’s no possibility of visiting the Women House, the turret and the garden’s courtyard.

I have a ticket. Does it mean I can stay on the tent site / campsite?

No. The ticket gives you an entry to the castle and clubs.

What are the opening hours of the ticket office at the castle?

The ticket office at the castle is open from 2 p.m till 8 p.m on Wednesday and Thursday, and you can buy tickets on Friday from 1 p.m. in the ticket office in front of the castle.

What time do the concerts finish?

About 1 a.m.