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Information about castle
The Bolków Castle was built during the reign of Prince Bolko I. It was rebuilt several times afterwards, until it reached its final shape in the 16th century.

In all historical descriptions of the castle, its military significance is emphasized. However, it has also functioned as a cultural centre at some periods of time. It attracted people connected to arts: painters, sculptors and architects. It was also a place where Polish, German & Czech people mingled. This contributed to the emergence of the unique Silesian culture.

In 1995, Bractwo Rycerskie Zamku Bolków (Fellowship of the Bolków Castle Knights), a historical re-enactment society, came into being. Its goal is to preserve & popularize the tradition of the ancestors.

A - The Big Tower
B & C - former residential & economic part
D - The Women's House
E - The Large Gates
F - Tanker
G - Guard's House
I - Main Courtyard from 13th century
II - Big Courtyard from 16th century
III - Tournament's Courtyard
IV - External Courtyard
1 & 2 - Bastions
3 & 4 - Quadrilateral ledge for artillery
5 - Round bastion
6 - Bastion
7 - The Great Bastion
8 - Shell keep
9 - Round bastion