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Special Castle Party Video greetings from Umbra et Imago
The band Umbra Et Imago ended in 2010 their realise activity with album "Opus Magnus", but according to previous announcement they didn’t stop touring. This year on July, 23-rd (Saturday) Umbra Et Imago on 20th anniversary of its origin, after 7 years once again will perform on Bolków Castle Party Festival (as you already know well).
Having specific sense of humour frontman Umbra Et Imago – Mozart declared, that all who during the concert will be visibly make up to Lech Wałęsa, at the end of the show will be permitted to enter the stage and to perform with the band!

Greetings from Umbra et Imago:
Author: Dobermann
Translator: Dobermann
Source: / 2011-06-08 / Festival

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