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Polish bands on small stage
Alike the last year, the first day of the festival (Thursday) will be promoting new bands in Hacjenda club. Four Polish projects will give shows: Unsinn, H.Exe, Synchropath and MonsterGod. Unsinn is a new project oscillating between dark electro/ebm/powernoise sounds. The group was founded in 2010. Primarily settled in ambient areas, now showing their harsh / dark electro figure. Strong beats, distorted vocals, melodic yet aggressive synth lines are the earmarkof this project.

H.exe was founded by Odo (who is a member of a symphonic black metal group called Egrimonia). The first EP "Realms of Inhuman Pleasures", consisting of 5 tracks + 4 remixes is distributed in the Internet for free by Halotan Records. Since August2010 H.exe is made by: Odo - vocals, music, programming; Rex Rotten - music, programming, sampling.

Synchropath is an electro-industrial project initiated by Qbz (Kuba Avenarius) in 2004. Lately the team has been reinforced by a guitar player Kornel and Anna, responsible for live visuals. In 2009 Synchropath released a minialbum "Distance Hurts The Numb Ones". Later that year the song "Divide / United" was placed on the third compilation of the british Dark Mourning Promotion entitled "Pulse".

MonsterGod was finally found in 2005 as duo project of Milosz Sobiecki (Schnitter) and Marek Smolski (Smola). The idea was born in late 2004 after few years of experimenting with different kinds of music. Crew members were strong involved in past projects like T.R.H. and Second Line.
At the Beginning of 2006 MOnsterGod has released it's first demo (5 songs) titled "Newborn Monster". MonsterGod is inspired by electro-industrial, gothic and ebm scene. MG has no political or religious background.
Author: Dobermann
Translator: Ankara
Source: - / 2011-02-20 / Festival

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