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Goth-rock from UK: Nosferatu

2010-12-06 (Festival)

Nosferatu have grown to become one of the most commercially successful Second Wave Gothic Rock Bands Worldwide and most certainly in England.

Dark electro from Estonia: Freakangel

2010-11-25 (Festival)

Freakangel is an Estonian band which musical style is a mixture of intensive aggrotech, industrial, dark electro and a bit of rock.

Polish legend: Closterkeller

2010-11-16 (Festival)

Cult project of Anja Orthodox, real legend on Polish gothic rock scene since the late 80s.

Digital hardcore legend: Atari Teenage Riot

2010-11-07 (Festival)

We are pleased to announce another headliner of the festival: for the fans of really strong sounds Atari Teenage Riot!

For the fans of factory sounds: Hetane

2010-10-21 (Festival)

Hetane is a group of musicans combining sordid electronics with sound of rusty guitar, industrial beats with trip hop rhythm. A band of five members with female vocals, depicting stories about human machines, eccentric spirits and primary instincts.

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