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Special Castle Party Video greetings from Umbra et Imago

2011-06-08 (Festival)

The band Umbra Et Imago ended in 2010 their realise activity with album "Opus Magnus", but according to previous announcement they didn’t stop touring. This year on July, 23-rd (Saturday) Umbra Et Imago on 20th anniversary of its origin, after 7 years once again will perform on Bolków Castle Party Festival (as you already know well).

First promo clip

2011-05-24 (Festival)

Vampire – such is the name of the first clip in the series of promotional videos for CP 2011 based on the Tadeusz Miciński’s poetry. "In the shadow of stars pt.1" – we bid you to see it!

Lecter as a special guest of this year’s Castle Party festival!

2011-05-09 (Festival)

We are happy to announce Lecter as a special guest of this year’s Castle Party festival. This will be one of the very first gigs supporting the premiere of "Inside / Outside" debut album set to be released in June 2011 on Icaros Records.

Dark wave in the church: Other Day

2011-04-13 (Festival)

For the last few editions of the festival there has been at least one concert taking place in the exquisite Bolkow Church. This year we go on with this tradition and we invite you to attend the show of a German project Other Day. To enter the concert, the additional separate ticket is required (the carnet does not authorize you to attend the show). You need to purchase it at the cash desk outside the castle.

Deathrock from France - Castrati.

2011-03-14 (Festival)

The band says about themselves: "Merry-go-round's deathrock stained with nursery's batcave. Bloody barrel organs and creepy guitars for bat child..."

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