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Lecter as a special guest of this year’s Castle Party festival!
We are happy to announce Lecter as a special guest of this year’s Castle Party festival. This will be one of the very first gigs supporting the premiere of "Inside / Outside" debut album set to be released in June 2011 on Icaros Records. The material, recorded over last year at Strobo Studio by the band itself, had later on been mixed and mastered by Marcin Kielbaszewski at Studio X in Olsztyn, PL.
While the album’s cover art had been created by Bartek Trzos – the winner of the last year’s International Graphics Competition "NOVA CAIXA GALICIA" (Ourense – Spain), layout and DTP are done by Kamil Kumpin.

Make sure to check out the "Morning" video promoting the "Inside / Outside" album at:

More details to be revealed soon! /
Author: Dobermann
Translator: Dobermann
Source: / 2011-05-09 / Festival

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