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Dark electro from Estonia: Freakangel
Freakangel is an Estonian band which musical style is a mixture of intensive aggrotech, industrial, dark electro and a bit of rock. Each member of the band, founded in 2009, has wide on-stage experience (Dmitry - frontman of Suicidal Romance, fr0zen - frontman of Cyclone B, Art - guitar player of ex-Kamaloka). The Estonian trio likes to shock, not only with their image, but with provocative attitude. This specific way with the surrounding world is reflected on their debut album "The Faults Of Humanity", where the band protests against politics, criticizes religions and society directed towards lust for money. In Bolkow we'll have a chance to find out how Freakangel looks live.

The music can be listened to on MySpace.
Author: Dobermann
Translator: Ankara
Source: / 2010-11-25 / Festival

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Writen at: 2010-11-25 18:52:30
Łup, Łup, Łup... Takie pomieszanie Psyclon Nine, Combichrista i innej łupaniny aż głowa boli. Czyli nic ciekawego. Jest szansa na jakiś inny gatunek muzyczny na przyszłorocznym CP?

Writen at: 2010-11-25 17:30:41