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Another band confirmed: Zeraphine
For the next edition of the festival, a real treat for all fans of gothic rock is being prepared. Sven Friedirch with his project - Zerpahine is due to perform at Castle Party 2011. A few words about the band:

Zeraphine is a gothic alternative band from Berlin, Germany, formed in 2000 by Sven Friedrich (vocals, programming, lead song writing) and Norman Selbig (guitars) from the then-defunct Dreadful Shadows. After the acclaimed goth rock band Dreadful Shadows decided to split up and go their separate ways, Sven and Norman started to work with ex-Dreadful Shadows producer Thommy Hein on a project called Helix. However, since the Helix name was under copyright by another band, they were forced to rename themselves as Zeraphine - taken from the Hebrew bible's concepts of the 'seraph' (or seraphim), which is a class of angel in traditional Judaism. This concept was probably an ironic procedure, as Sven's lyrics often (critically) refer to the issues of religion.

Zeraphine has signed with the Drakkar Entertainment record label. Originally, additional band members Manuel Senger (guitars), Michael Nepp (bass), and Marcellus Puhlemann (drums) joined the project as studio musicians. Unlike Dreadful Shadows, whose songs were written entirely in English, Sven chose to write an album completely in German, citing that "I simply tried to transfer my style of writing to my mother tongue and I liked it quite a lot. I always thought it would be impossible." In 2006, Zeraphine announced that they were severing their ties with their label, Drakkar Entertainment, so that they could have more creative control over their next record.

The band was decidedly less active in 2007, when Sven and Norman rejoined Dreadful Shadows for live shows exclusively. Also during this time, Sven began working on a side project, an electronic solo project titled Solar Fake.
(The text comes from website

Official website of the group: Music can be listened to on MySpace group.
Author: Dobermann
Translator: Ankara
Source: - / 2010-09-09 / Festival

Newest comments:


Writen at: 2011-08-14 22:25:09
no bo nie chciały Nam się zapalić do końca sztuczne ognie :(

Writen at: 2011-08-14 21:30:59
Będę wyjątkiem, a może nie będę, ale mi się koncert Zeraphine bardzo podobał.
Szczególnie ten utwór:

Dobrze, że ktoś go zarejestrował.

p.s. ale następnym razem zaproście Hima. Może z Vile przyjedzie Kat Von D i zrobi studio tatuażu... ;)

edit, "Kurzen glanz auf seinem Lecheln, zu kurz um alles auszusprechen und Woerter geben das nicht zueruck..."

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Zeraphine - "Sterne Sehen" auf Castle Party 2011! :)
Być może z efektów specjalnych lipa wyszła, ale i tak było pięknie :)
Krzysztof Rakowski

Krzysztof Rakowski

Writen at: 2011-02-27 22:12:33
miejmy nadzieję, że w ogóle zagrają ten kawałek ;)

Writen at: 2011-02-27 19:40:43
To miejmy tylko nadzieję, że ciemno będzie już podczas "Sterne sehen" ;)

Writen at: 2011-02-24 16:52:45
Idealna pora :)

Writen at: 2011-02-24 07:13:36
Swietnie! Tym bardziej że Sven Friedrich to idol mojej żony - byliśmy już na Dreadful Shadows ( 2 razy ) , Solar Fake, teraz pora na Zeraphine... a godzina 21 - no idealnie by było ok 22 zacząć, ale pora przyzwoita; baliśmy sie występu w pełnym słońcu ( o ile lało nie bedzie...).
Krzysztof Rakowski

Krzysztof Rakowski
Writen at: 2011-02-23 18:53:01
Będa zaczynać ok 9 wieczorem wiec w trakcie ich koncertu zrobi sie ciemno, to fajna pora:)

Writen at: 2011-02-23 10:35:49
mam nadzieję, ze zagrają tuż po zmroku ;)
Krzysztof Rakowski

Krzysztof Rakowski
Writen at: 2011-02-22 19:05:23