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Fresh breeze from the South: Bratrstvo Luny

2010-10-18 (Festival)

Bratrstvo Luny ('Brotherhood of Luna') is a Czech duo made by Count R.X.Thamo & Lord Darkthep. These musicians from Veltava-basin, who will perform at Castle Party 2011, name themselves goth-rock troubadours.

Umbra et Imago!

2010-10-04 (Festival)

For the fans of strong sensations (not only music ones) we have a German project of gothic-metal style, Umbra et Imago, which will present in Bolkow their erotic show evoking considerable emotions.

Another star of the dark wave genre: Diary of Dreams!

2010-09-27 (Festival)

That's right! According to the information which was published lately on the band's Facebook profile, we do confirm that Diary of Dreams will perform at the forthcoming festival edition.

Castle Party 2010 videoclip

2010-09-22 (Festival)

We invite you to watch a videoclip of this year's festival edition. It was made by Jerzy Jernas, one of the pioneers of off cinema in Poland.

We have another confirmed artist: Dope Stars Inc.

2010-09-13 (Festival)

It will be a real feast for the ears of fans who like electronic music. Dope Stars Inc. is the next confirmed artist to play at our next festival in July.

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