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First promo clip
Vampire – such is the name of the first clip in the series of promotional videos for CP 2011 based on the Tadeusz Miciński’s poetry. "In the shadow of stars pt.1" – we bid you to see it! "Let the magic of my soul summon you, from the cradle of comets or from the dark..." – now is the time for the spell cast by Tadeusz Maciński, a poet and magus, to take effect. An aura of mystery raised in Kraków is reaching the Castle in Bolków, which shall welcome the enthusiast of dark art during one of the holiday weekends…

The admirer of Miciński’s secrets and the summer festival hidden behind the walls of a medieval castle are both characterised by a unique atmosphere – that is why the lyrics of this most puzzling author from the Young Poland period shall be revived via a new project, supported by the Castle Party brand name. "Vampire" is a debut clip, the beginning of a series. The recordings are being made in Kraków supervised by Paweł Szarka and Tomek Orzechowski, supported by Śmiałek formation.

Author: Dobermann
Translator: Fiuri
Source: / 2011-05-24 / Festival

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